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  • Which test to choose?

    Without spending a lot, we could probably afford the 37/ $149 DNA test. Would this be a good place to start and if we wanted to update it later, could we? Am I understanding this correctly? We want to trace or try and find other relatives, possibly unknown, with husband's last name of Martin.

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    Yes, you can start that small. Just do it. Good luck!

    Be prepared to pay for an upgrade to Y-DNA 67 or even Y-DNA 111 later, if getting too many matches. However, until the Y-DNA 37 test results are back, it is all speculative. You can postpone purchasing an upgrade until there is a sale.

    Also consider saving money for the Family Finder test. As for example, you can find your male ancestor, when finding his niece.

    Any test would give more meaningful results if done on parents or parents' siblings. But the Family Finder particularly so.

    Did you take a look at ?

    While waiting for the results try to learn at least a little about genetic genealogy. Also a solid paper genealogy trail is needed to weed out false matches.