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    Originally posted by Matt62 View Post

    I've only got one English line that I know of and it is quite distant. I am a Scot with basically an even mixture of Scottish, Irish and Scots-Irish (Ulster) ancestry - with one English and one German line.

    My g-g-g-g grandfather Thomas, on my mother's paternal side, was born in London - his mother coming from a well-to-do Yorkshire family and his father hailing from Clerkenwell. His son Henry was born in Edinburgh because Thomas had moved up with his father Michael around the year 1848, after the death of my g-g-g-g-g grandmother Isabella from a cholera outbreak in Leeds where they lived. Michael moved to Scotland to become an excise officer.

    So my English line is fairly distant - six generations away from me, beginning with my fourth great grandfather. Who knows if I even have any DNA from England.
    I think you need to take your matches with a large pinch of salt and keep in mind that FF picks up on ancient ancestry. I have a person with just Irish ancestry and another with just Scottish and Irish amongst my matches. I don't have any Scottish or Irish in my family but people from East Anglia have Viking ancestry and of course they are known to have settled Ireland and Scotland.

    I'd say with FF a paper trail link with the person is a must so you can discount an ancient link.


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      Originally posted by EastAnglian View Post
      I'd say with FF a paper trail link with the person is a must so you can discount an ancient link.
      Thank you for the advice EastAnglian, I appreciate it and will bear it in mind I have quite an extensive paper trail, especially for my Scottish, English and German lines (the Scottish makes up a large segment of my ancestry and so I expect that I will have DNA from at least some of those lines). I will be sure to check that I can identify at least surnames in common before taking a match seriously as a candidate within the last 400 years. My Irish paper trail is the weakest by far. I think the earliest I have got is to 1780, on a poorly recorded line I've only got to 1830!


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        Hi Matt. The matches I was referring to belong to my son. I use a program called Genome Mate (and I suggest you download it too before your results come in. It is free and a godsend). I checked his matches through that program and counted 21 native Finn matches and 2 native Russian matches on chromosome 13, all overlapping. The segments are between 8 and 12 cm.

        His dad was 1/2 Colonial American and half Geordie (with a fair amount of Scots and Irish ancestry). Although the Finn could be coming distantly through his Geordie grandmother, the only paper trail I have for Finns is the New Sweden Colony in Delaware. That puts his Finn ancestors as being born in the 1600's. I believe that is the source, as he is related to most of the colony many times over and they were all Finns or Swedes (many who had come from Finland originally). They intermarried for 150 years before a daughter (Mary Stalcop) married outside the community and it is from that line my son descends.

        My dad also has a handful of native Finn matches and I share a couple with him. He has no known Finn ancestry (he is 1/2 Belgian and 1/2 Irish). None of those Finns are included in the above count of my son's.
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