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  • Native American and African American

    On Gedmatch I had 1.22% Native American World9 and 1% on Eurogenes K13. I had Native American and African on every test there. I had Native American, East Asian, African, Middle Eastern on Dr. McDonald's test who said for sure some African.

    On Family Tree DNA I did not have Native American or African in Family Finder but had 5% West Asian and 11% Spanish/Italian/Greek. I had quite a bit of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern (West Asian again) in Gedmatch.

    Now I have documented 1896 Dawes Commission Cherokee and Final Dawes rolls Choctaw.

    My question is that 1.22 on World9 and 1.95 NA on Eurogenes K9b and 1.00 on Eurogenes K13 real? It seems to be but it should be higher. Is that 1.66 Southeast Asian actually Native American?

    Is this due to lack of samples?

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    I think it's a lack of samples for Family Tree.

    I also have Native American as do cousins I have had tested on here. (Their results are not showing NA either)

    At Gedmatch it shows up on the same admixture tests you used. My Native and African are each at the 3% range. I might add that I also tested at Ancestry before I did at Family Tree and their results show the Native and African.

    I uploaded my Ancestry to Gedmatch also (I have since removed the Ancestry kit from Gedmatch because it was confusing seeing my other kit come up in comparisons) . My results uploaded seem to match Family Trees results exactly when run in Gedmatch's admixture tests. So, the conclusion is that Family Tree on their own website does not have a sampling to correctly show the Native. They do show my African.

    This is also the case for my Western European heritage (very strong German and Swiss but Family Tree does not show it at all but Ancestry does). When both companies results are run at Gedmatch it shows the Western European area.

    This has to be Family's sampling in both areas since Gedmatch takes the very same DNA and gets the admixture/origin correct with their programs.
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      I believe you are right.

      I also teste at DNATribes and I know they get a bad rap but I had high Mestizo there and showed Native American.

      I believe there is a lack of samples all the way around or the aligorithums do not reflect mixed people of tri racial backgrounds who have Northern European.

      Brother, my great grandmother looked like she just stepped off a ship from Asia with Jet Black hair and Asian eyefold. That family goes to the final Dawes rolls. I have jet black hair myself and olive complexion.

      The algorithum may be off due to Northern European not figured into admixture???? That and lack of samples of Native Americans in North America for all of the testing companies.