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Scottish Genetic Founder's Theory?

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  • Scottish Genetic Founder's Theory?

    What does "Founder's Theory" mean in genetics? Many of my REO exact matches are from Scotland so far, which match up with my surname searches. (We said Hay, Hay, Hay to the Danes and they ran away in 942AD because King Alfred wanted to solve the Dane problem. Some people said the story is just a fairy tale because Hay sounds like people moving through foliage. )

    Also, is McKinnon (my aunt's last name) the same as MacKinnon? I guess they are different for some reason.

    <<A High King of Ireland, Colla seized Ulster and then took his followers to Scotland around 325AD. His descendants, Fergus, Loarn and Angus (sons of Erc) became the "founder" lines for the Scottish kingdom of Dalriada circa 465AD (Source article). Mark E. MacDonald, the National Historian for Clan Donald and Director of the DNA project, has deduced Colla's haplotype based on DNA results from many various Scottish clan DNA projects. >>

    GregKiroKH, Dec 2005

    DYS 390 (-1), 391 (+1), 458 (-1), 449 (-1), 398-2 (-1), 385 B (+1) clusters with Colla Uais

    Genghis Khan, Colla Uais, and Somerled's haplotypes have been deduced using a "Founder's Theory"

    <<A predicted six mutation spread within approximately 1500 years has identified MacDonalds (MacDonnells) descended from the kindred of Colla in both the Irish and Scottish branches of Clan Donald. Not all Clan Donalds are descended from Colla but the identification of this signature is a major advance which supports the accuracy of ancient Irish and Scottish oral histories and genealogies.

    Project Director, Mark MacDonald, stated:

    “We have built on the data of existing genetic projects including the MacGregors, gaelic Livingstones, and Campbells to reach a common goal: understanding the genealogy and history of the Scottish highlands and its historic link to Ireland. I believe the Y-chromosome DNA signature of Colla is: >>
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