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Ancestry DNA Test - What do you get if you are not an Ancestry subscriber?

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    Nothing to do with the European Union. Ancestry does not sell DNA testing to its full customer base. As a worldwide customer of I am not entitled to buy a test. Idiotic if you ask me. Especially as they keep sending me marketing material about a test they refuse to sell to me.


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      Originally posted by mabrams View Post
      Moberly et al

      The new feature at AncestryDNA of sharing your matches is open to non-members. I am not sure to what extent the sharing involves.

      From the forums, Aug 5
      I apologize for the confusion. The people you share your DNA results with do not need to have a paid membership. They will need to have (or create) a free registered guest account, but they do not need to have a subscription.


      Rebecca R.
      Community Moderator

      That said, the new feature is extremely buggy. Many people have sent invitations but the intended recipient never received them. Other people have received the invitations but the invitation was missing a Share button.

      I have sent two invitations including to myself as a test. Nothing so far has been received even after multiple attempts.

      I agree with Timothy Peterman that AncestryDNA, major warts and all, is worth tolerating due to the huge number of matches (11000 plus). Altho some of my matches at AncestryDNA have 0 cM in common at Gedmatch and that makes me have some serious doubts. So I do take my matches from AncestryDNA with a major grain of salt. I try (sometimes successfully) to get my more interesting matches to test with FTDNA or at least upload to GedMatch.

      btw, Timothy, I have seen your name on one of my match lists. Forget exactly which one.
      I disagree with using Ancestry for family DNA matches (family as in how closely related are you and genetically similar to those known distant cousins in the surrounding counties?) unless you restrict yourself to a very small geographically area know to not have too many inward migration events. As an example, most of the American Appalachians meet this criteria. NYC, LA, or Chicago definitely do not. For those people, Ancestry is good for written record research and even for people like me, with two Appalachian parents, I still only use for written record research.

      My DNA results from FTDNA basically verify what I was told about my ancestry verbally and later researched on Roots Web and except their is a bit of nebulous data regarding the H mtDNA and East Asian DNA which seem to conflict with each other but is the only data on old oral stories of Amerindian ancestry in the maternal part of my tree.

      I will do the FF this month to solve that old oral story of Amerindian ancestry, knowing such tests can't and shouldn't claim I am affiliated with Cherokee or some other specific political organization, but rather add more DNA evidence which might be associated with the maternal ancestry population cluster in Finland (Siberians maybe), with East Asians, or maybe finally DNA that has been found in Amerindians (so far and that can change I suppose).