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    Hi everyone, I'm the newest of newbies here. Great forum! I hope I am not repeating a question, but would love some input. Hopefully I'm on the right track with what I have already done.

    Here's the story:
    I am a male who was adopted at birth and have registered with an online adoption registry and was recently contacted by a woman who is looking for her half-brother who was given up for adoption. My info (approx. DOB, City, hospital, etc...) match what she had been told about her half-brother. We also share many similar physical traits. We would be related by having the same father (deceased). She knew the name of the birth-mother (also deceased) and has located her adult children. I strongly resemble both parents so suggested that the only way we would really ever know for sure, given that they were both passed away) would be to do DNA testing with siblings. I volunteered to organize it and choose the tests. I'm just hoping I did it right ;-)

    For myself, I ordered the DNAPlus test (includes a Y-DNA37 and mtDNA Plus).

    She has another half-brother from the same father who would also have been mine (yes, he got around!). So, I sent him a Y-DNA37 test kit.

    The son of the woman who would be my birth-mother agreed to testing too, so I sent him a mtDNA Plus test kit.

    Does it look like i have the bases covered? Is there a way I could test directly with her? We would only share the same father, not mother. I am male, she is female.

    Thanks for any input! My FTDNA page says I should be getting results in the next few weeks. Very exciting stuff! Gotta love science!

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    sounds like you are correct in the choosing of the tests and individuals for the tests. you can get a sibling dna test that can indicate if you and your possible half sister are siblings (half siblings or full siblings). it is at


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      Thanks Bob! I thought I had it right, but was still a bit nervous and second guessing myself none the less. I had seen the sibling tests, but decided agaist it due to both parents being deceased. "Two alleged half-siblings, and any parent strongly suggested." Just thought it would be more direct, although more expensive, to do it directly with people I thought should be a direct match with me in the Y and mt tests.

      Thanks again.


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        Adoptee Testing

        I hope this works out for you. In any event, I suggest you set your matches against the entire FTDNA database so that you are open to all possibilities. I suspect that a large percentage of people have their preferences set to only match in their group. Thanks,

        Phil Goff


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          Thanks Phil,

          I think I am set to look for all matches. I have the 3 boxes on my preferences page all checked. Sound right?

          My results so far suggest I am R1b on the Y. (This info plays well with the believed background of the people I am trying to match!!) I had 298 matches on the 12 segment, one 24/25, and 10 at 23/25. Still waiting for my 37...and my HVR1 and HVR2. Says I should expect some news around 2/15. Pretty exciting times--and I'm open to whichever way the winds blow....