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    Hello All:
    Being a neophyte when comes to the DNA world, I was wondering if the genetic distance markers hold the same value in determining relationship with maternal testing as with the yDNA model. I have several maternal matches with "0" genetic distance but only a handful of threes at the 37 marker yDNA test. Still waiting to see my Family Finder test results and hopefully tie into some relationships.

    Thank you in advance for any insight!!

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    Genetic Distance is calculated by comparing your marker vales to the marker values of you match. FTDNA will calculate a Genetic Distance at each level: 12 marker, 25 marker, 37 marker, 67 marker and 111 marker levels.

    If you and you match have the same values for all markers at a given level you will have a genedtic distance of zero at that level. If you don't have the same values you will have a claculated genetic distance which will be (more or less) the difference in the sum of your marker values at that level and their sum for the same markers. Multi peak markers are calculated differently, which is why I said "more or less". As you move from level to level the genetic distance will increase if additional differences are found, but it won't go down.

    If no differences are found at each level you'll have a genetic distance of zero at each level.


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      ... and same with mtDNA, GD is how many markers you are off. Markers not tested for are not counted in GD.

      FF (autosomal) is a whole different ballgame where numbers of markers are in the hundreds of thousands and strength of matches are measured in numbers and lengths of segments (groups of markers) and how far back a common ancestor would likely be (generations or by 'cousin' relationship) based on these numbers and lengths.

      Best of Luck!!