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    Hi, I am wondering if using the search option in the matches section for 'in common with' or 'not in common with' is useful in my situation.
    I have a match that is at a 1st cousin level who shares 1018.36cm and 73.97 blocks shared. I have written to them about a month ago and not word back, and also to other folks 'in common with' to them and no word. I am hoping to narrow down who this is since I have no Idea, and it says it could be a grandfather, nephew, 1st cousin, uncle, half sibling.
    I know everyone on my mothers side, unless there is surprise there.
    I am not sure who my biological father is either, so I'm guessing it must be on that side.
    At first I was thinking the 'in common with' would separate out the sides but now I see people coming up in common and not in common with this match so I'm confused.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    1018.36 cm is very high, so I agree that's a close match. The test can't tell you whether the match is on your mother's side or your father's side. However if you could convince your mother or siblings to test, then it would help because anyone who doesn't match should be on your father's side. The "in common with" feature can be helpful if you recognize any of the names or can figure out how someone is related. However, since nobody responded to you, I'm not sure. You could try typing their e-mail addresses into a search engine and see if anything comes up. Can your mother or another relative tell you anything about your father?


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      Originally posted by LGrania View Post
      Hi, I am wondering if using the search option in the matches section for 'in common with' or 'not in common with' is useful in my situation.

      I have only played around with this briefly, but it appears to me, as best I can determine, that their is no way within the FTDNA framework to compare one match of yours directly to another match, and there is also no way to use the "IN COMMON" feature to compare only those users who match you "in common" on a specific segment.

      Its sort of a crude tool in that it has no refinement beyond establishing which other matches share ANY segments with others that you both match... there does not seem to be any way to simply look for 3rd party matches in common at a a specific segment or location that you share with the second party.

      Its not a really useful tool unless you can find common surnames for all or most of the 'in common' results that could allow you to reach a informed conclusion. There is a real lack of analytically tools within the FTDNA constructed system.


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        Serket, Yes that amount of cm seems high, and I wish I could test my mom but she is passed away, I have a half sister but she is unwilling to even talk about this stuff.
        Really good idea to Google the email address! Thank you
        I found a few links and will dig into that and see what I find.

        So maybe the 'in common with' won't necessarily help me narrow it down. Since I know all my relations on my mothers sides names for anyone in the first 3 generations, which this person must be so he must be from my biological fathers side. You are right Aperipatetic1 that feature could be useful for something I'm sure, but it is pretty clunky.


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          I find using the 'in common with' along with the Matrix feature can be handy in sorting matches who match each other as well as using the Chromosome Browser to sort who matches on same Chromosome, but it's a time consuming process. GEDmatch is also very handy for sorting who matches you and your matches and where. "Genome Mate" is one tool that may also be very ahndy, but I can't get the handle on working with it.


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            In addition to typing the email address into a search engine try it in Facebook. If they are registered for facebook with the same email address their facebook page will pop up.



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              Oh thanks for these tips, I hadn't tried using the chromosome browser, and didn't even know about the matrix, just found it. Super cool tools! My 1st cousin match has lots of cm on every bar but two. I should be working right now but got totally pulled into it. I found the admin person for my 1st cousin match on by googling the email address, so I think I will write to them there. It looks like it is either her husband or father in law who she is admin for, which is my close match. So hopefully she will write me back.