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Melungeons, Black Dutch and Black Irish

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    Mixed maybe ,but not Melungeon

    Originally posted by BlackWolf
    Person's of mixed ancestry may find this useful.

    I don't have Blackhair for no reason, baby!

    Black Wolf, Black Dutch Tsa la gyi proud!
    Depends on what you're mixed with.Everyone isn't Melungeon-I heard they only live in Tennessee,and are mixed with a certain Indian tribe,and any societal rejects like,whomever was rejected back in those days,but it weren't me,I'm sure. When you say Black Dutch,and Black Irish and the like ,do you mean African Negro,or some other concoction or breed? The real Black Irish in Ireland aren't Black Negros,they are Irish who look like other Irish except their hair is brunette(caucasian texture,though,not foreign),instead of red,or blonde hairs.Melungeons must be creoles,which are 1/3 each of African,Caucasian,and Native American,but that's rather rare,in my opinion,as none of them would sit together long enough to breed into Creoles.