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New Y-Hap I sub-clade structure

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  • New Y-Hap I sub-clade structure

    I just read about a change in the subclade structure of Y Haplogroup I.
    I1c... also known as I2... is NOW also known as I1b2a.
    You can see the new structure here:

    New Y-Hap I Structure

    I believe that I am part of this subclade...
    I see in my FTDNA haplogroup section that they are now offering a "deep clade test" and they are still showing this sub-clade as I2 on their chart.
    I was wondering if... as new information is obtained, they will automatically update the sub-clade designation if I order this test? It can get very confusing when new information comes out.

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    No doubt you saw the article by Rootsi et al quoted by Mikey in our thread querying the "I" hpg as the Indoeuropean language carrier. Rootsi's group demonstrated "I"'s wide (reverse sub-cladation) tree, narrowing back to 27000 years bp estimated.

    Did you get a hint of the time the subclade you point out branched off? Any estimate? It should be relatively recent, in millennial terms; and where is it concentrated? This is one of those areas where the NG Genographic project should shine!


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      Wasn't there another thread along these lines recently? I don't see it right now. I'm not talking about the IE were I thread. I do recall seeing a couple links to discussions on the topic.

      I'm wondering when the "off the grid" folks in Idaho are going to start claiming the Saami are the "true Semites".


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        New Y-Hap I sub-clade structure

        It appears FTDNA is no longer testing for P19 and P40 in the Haplogroup I deep subclade test. I have not received an answer to my question of why.


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          I have to say - where do they get off changing the names of haplogroups like that? I mean, changing I1* to I1b2*? Changing I1C to I1b2a? The list goes on and on. What will this do to people who got tested a while ago?

          Also, can anyone explain in shorthand which lines are ancestral to which others?

          Also - Rootsi, et. al. call M26 I1b2. That link calls it I1b1a. Which is correct? Which will the professionals use?

          What a pain.


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            What happened to I1a1?


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              P40 Test

              Originally posted by fmoakes
              It appears FTDNA is no longer testing for P40 in the Haplogroup I deep subclade test. I have not received an answer to my question of why.
              I received the following resonse from FTDNA:
              "When you calibrate a SNP panel in a ‘cocktail’ not all SNP reactions play nice in the sandbox, so to speak. When we have the initial results back from the DEEP haplogroup reaction we’ll look at all these that might be + for P40 and decide if we’ll add an addiotnal test to confirm P40 or now…if we do, we’ll do that grat5is."
              Floyd Oakes