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Matches on "German" chromo must be related via German branch?

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  • Matches on "German" chromo must be related via German branch?

    I tested with 23andMe because I saw that they show which portions of your chromosomes they have placed into which regions and I thought this would be great for helping to determine how I am related to a particular person - if someone matches me on a segment that 23andMe say is "Italian", for example, doesn't that mean the person is related to me by my Italian ancestry?

    Unfortunately, 23andMe don't have immediate access to compare chromosomal matches without "inviting" each individual to share genomes. So while I wait for responses, I am looking at segment matches on FTDNA and comparing them to the regions 23andMe put those segments in.

    I've attached two screenshots (names removed for privacy) which show that 23andMe say my entire chromosome 12 is "French/German" (for me, this is German, I have no known French ancestry but lots of German). The other from FTDNA shows 4 matches on the same segment of chromo 12. Does this mean these 4 people are probably related to me by one of my German branches? I know the region is "connected to the British Isles, Scandinavia" (and other regions) which I do also have ancestry in - but is it more likely to be German?

    Is there anything else these matches can tell me? If they all match me on the same segment (and each other - they are all "in common with"), then we all share the same ancestor, correct?
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    It would be nice if it worked that way, but the way they paint the chromosomes is still just based on odds, so it could be wrong. Frequently I find I have a certain ancestry on a segment which my match does not have (according to 23andMe). Separating out different regions within continents is difficult. But they are very good at separating Europe, Asia, and Africa.