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mtDNA Haplogroup K Project at FTDNA

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  • mtDNA Haplogroup K Project at FTDNA

    Hi all,

    As of today, there is an mtDNA Haplogroup K Project at FamilyTreeDNA. I have signed up as the project administrator.

    Anyone who has taken an mtDNA test at FTDNA with results showing he or she is in haplogroup K is invited to join.

    Also, those with K results transferring from the National Geographic Society's Genographic Project are invited. In those cases no new test is required. Joining is from the blue JOIN button on your personal page.

    Those who have not tested yet, but have a direct maternal-line relative who is a K, are also invited to test as a project member. Such persons should contact me first to determine whether they are likely to be a K.

    Further information is available at the project website:

    Bill Hurst

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    Oh good news. I will be signing up for the project. Thanks.


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      Goodie a Projekt for US!

      Yeah,me too.I joined like two days ago. There ought to be a MEGA Projekt for each Haplogroup,like a DNA Amusement Park with loads of features.Trips to yuor Hap. homeland,education programs,clothes,movies,books,magax=zines,shopping discounts when you shop through your group,maybe a Y,and Mt DNA Kmart.Maybe there should be DNA welfare for the poor ones.Yeah, whole DNA goverenments for each group.Dental discounts if you go to a mt K dentist,Haplogroup healthcare,and food store-all on one website.All members can always add any helpful information,or put some up for review.Zany idea,ain't it? We can even try to nominate a good mt K for president-even if they don't win.(president of what ? president of the united states that's what!) Even make your own haplogroup products,Christmas cards,fashions,art work,designed items and what not.If you've got more than one affiliation then do a little with each of them!But stick with your largest group most!
      Even a Haplo. Dating Service &Business service-any of you want to do my taxes? Or sleep with me? Jambalaia32