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  • New Member - Researching Biological Father

    Hello All

    I recently matched to a half-sister on 23andMe and after discussing with our mothers, we discovered that we were both donor conceived.
    Definitely a shock to find this out as an adult with children of my own.

    My half-sister and I tested at FTDNA and AncestryDNA as well.

    Since I am male, I decided to do the Y-DNA111 test in an attempt to find a possible surname for my paternal line.
    I have many DNA cousin matches on all three services, and was able to isolate the ones from my paternal side. (My biological mother also tested and it was confirmed that she is indeed my mother.)

    Hopefully the Y-DNA test gives me a strong starting point for my search.
    Any advice from you all would also be most appreciated.


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    Is your haplogroup common or uncommon?


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      Originally posted by J Honeychuck View Post
      Is your haplogroup common or uncommon?
      23andMe reports my paternal haplogroup as E1b1b1a. FTDNA results are not in yet. I understand they may differ.

      I'm honestly not sure if this is a common haplogroup, as I'm quite new to all of this.


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        I guess that isn't going to narrow it down for you. Sorry.


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          Best-case scenario would be matching other people who all have the same surname. That has certainly happened for other people.

          However, there are some population groups with fairly young surnames, and in those cases, even the highest-level matches tend to be with a variety of different surnames.

          You'll have to see what your situation is when your results come in.

          You may also want to join the E-M35 (E1b1b1) project to learn more about your haplogroup/subclade.