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25 marker upgrade versus SNP test

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  • 25 marker upgrade versus SNP test

    If I choose a 25 marker (upgrading from 12 marker), would that cover a SNP test that tells me about my deep subclades? If it doesn't, is it because the techniques or different or just that FTDNA is packaging these incrementally to milk the customer?

    I am interested in knowing about my deep ancestry and origins. Would you recommend a 25 marker upgrade or a deep subclades test or both?

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    The two tests (STR markers and SNP) require different techniques. The SNP is harder to do "cold," so it is better to have at least 12 markers tested so that there is an estimated SNP haplogroup to search for.

    If you are interested in deep ancestry, an SNP test would be much more useful than a 25-marker upgrade.


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      Just to add a little to Jason's answer.

      If you are interested in recent genealogy, typically through a surname project, and are happy with an estimate of your haplogroup then the 25 marker test is the one to take.

      If deep ancestry is your interest then, as Jason suggests, take the SNP test. FTDNA have recently introduced some deep clade tests (see the top of their home page for details). Those tests would be the next step to take in deep ancestry research, if available for your particular haplogroup.