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Y & MT haplogroup matches?

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  • Y & MT haplogroup matches?

    Has anyone ever found a match or tester who had the same Y-DNA and MT-DNA haplogroup?

    Obviously, this is a question for males only. But if any females know of anyone... or just want to respond, feel free.

    I am curious what the odds are of finding such a person? I'm guessing it would depend what ones haplogroups both were, as I am assuming some haplogroups have a larger population over all than others, and within each population some have likely tested more than others.

    Still, it would be interesting to see just how common double haplogroup matches are among each haplogroup.

    I'd be curious also just how closely related they might be or could be; what range of genetic distances were possible in terms of steps or estimates to MRCA.

    There seem to be a limited number of haplogroups from both sexes, so I don't see why such numbers wouldn't be fairly significant.

    Not sure personally what such a study could tell us, but I would love to meet someone who shared both my haplogroups, just to see our similarities and differences.

    If anyone knows of a group out there created with dual-haplogroup members, please let me know.

    Which leads me to another question of just how many of you have met and gotten to know non-immediate family (i.e. strangers) who shared the same haplogroup/s with you, and did you get a sense that certain haplogroups seem to carry distinct traits or features shared that you could pin down to being of the same haplogroup?

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    Both Haplogroup I (that's a capital i)

    Both my Y and mt are Haplogroup I (that's a capital i, but I don't think that means anything at all. It's like if you gave cats and dogs surnames, if a cat shared the same surname as a dog, that obviously wouldn't mean they were blood related.


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      Blood relation isn't really what or why I am asking.

      I'll use myself as an example. I belong to the Y-DNA 'G' haplogroup and the mt-DNA 'V' haplogroup. I would be interested in meeting someone with that same combination of haplogroups. It doesn't have to be someone I am 'recently related' to, along my respective paternal or maternal lines, strictly speaking. If I can find someone even closer in the subclades of each, that too would be more ideal.