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Newbie Question: Y37 results

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  • Newbie Question: Y37 results


    IF you have two men, with the same last name who show as matches at Y-37 but off by 2 markers, what does that tell you?

    Man #1 is fully tested at Y111. Haplogroup says R-M222
    Man #2 Y37 is done. Y67 pending. Haplogroup says R-M269


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    R-M269 (R1b1a2) is probably the predicted base Haplogroup FTDNA assigned which has not done further testing to see which further subclade it belongs to

    while R-M222 (R1b1a2a1a2c1a1a1) has done further SNP testing placing them further into the R1b1a2 subclades.

    I would think it would be a pretty safe bet that this R-M269 man, if tested, would also be positive for M222.

    As for a Genetic Distance of 2 at 37 markers it still can be pretty distant.

    For instance if I run the TiP report for my fathers cousin against his matches(that have the same surname) with 2 GD's I get the following. I know that common ancestor is at least 5 Generations ago.

    Match 1
    Generations, Percentage
    8 59.18%
    12 87.05%
    16 96.43%
    20 99.10%
    24 99.79%

    Match 2
    Generations, Percentage
    8 55.08%
    12 84.08%
    16 95.06%
    20 98.59%
    24 99.62%

    But also keep in mind if any STR's had any recent mutations common ancestor could have been only 2 Generation ago as in the case of my father who has multiple recent mutations since his and his 1st cousins common ancestor of their Grandfather. My father and his cousin are a GD of 4 at 37 markers with the following low probability of recent ancestor in their TiP report due to this

    Generations, Percentage
    4 11.09%
    8 44.82%
    12 74.03%
    16 89.75%
    20 96.40%
    24 98.83%
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      Sorry it took me a while to get back here.

      So, on paper it looks like these two guys are 3rd cousins on the direct paternal line.

      Are you saying that this could still be true even if they are off by two markers on the Y-37?

      What about Y-67? What range of markers off would you expect for third cousins on the Y-67 test?

      Would the Y-111 test be able to definitively say whether they are 3rd cousins or not?



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        I have also taken the 37 marker test and have a surname match at 1 step. He didn't answer my e-mail, but I believe I have to go back to my 5th great grandfather to find the common ancestor. I have a 23/25 match with another man who shares the same surname, but we couldn't figure out the connection.