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Blonde blue eyed Pamiris.

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  • Blonde blue eyed Pamiris.

    I travelled to the Pamir mountains of Tadjikistan in 2011. A substantial number of the inhabitants of the Pamir mountains of east Tadjikistan in Gorno-Badakhshan province are blonde/brown haired with blue or green eyes. Others had Mediterranean like features. One could be forgiven for thinking they were Europeans. In fact they are Europeans. They also speak an east Iranian language. They are surrounded by Turkic speaking countries like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. These Turkic speakers have a different look and it's very easy to tell them apart.
    Theories abound. Some say that Pamiris are descended from Scythian tribes who fled up the Pamirs to get away from Turkic invaders, thus becoming surrounded on all sides by Turkic speaking countries.
    Others say they are descended from indigenous Indo-Iranians who practiced Zoroastrianism and that some of these Indo Iranians migrated to the Iranian Plateau in what is modern day Iran. As such some say Zoroaster and Zoroastrianism are from the Pamirs.
    What is your opinion? Could they be related to the Tocharians who lived directly east of the Pamirs in today's Xinjiang province> Tocharians are portrayed on wall paintings as having blue eyes and red hair. And of course the Tarim mummies of Xinjiang share their Europoid features too. Were the Pamiris the original Indo-Iranians or did they migrate to the Pamirs from Europe? If the Pamiris originated from here then could they be related to R1 south of them in S Asia?
    Here's a link to how Pamiris look.