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      Hi Leeb,

      Sorry about the delays. As you may have seen by some of my other posts, the Customer Support team is working through an extremely high volume of email, so responses are unfortunately quite delayed.

      I'm trying to look into this for you. Do you recall the name(s) of any of the matches that you had before? If so, can you send to me via private message here on the forum?



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        Hi efgen!
        Thanks for the reply.
        Basically its like this, my whole page is blank as in all matches etc are missing.

        I had 30 matches at GD1 on 12 markers..which are now missing.
        I had data on Halplogroup origins,and Ancest origins etc.

        I have no data basically all the searches come up as No matches.

        Cheers Lee


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          Ill bump this again as i have tried contacting Efgen at Customer services without any reply in PM.

          Over 2 months of having my account totally screwed up,still no word from customer service just the standard reply BS...

          Everything is missing from my account [ All matches on everything) the only thing remaining is my Account number.

          Im so dissapointed with Familytreedna, i paid hard earned cash for a service that FTDNA hasnt provided..

          They gave me a "predicted" haplogroup which i thought was Cheap as i was tested for 67 markers which isnt cheap.

          Tested 2 different SNPS both negative at 37 dollars a pop.

          Had my Haplogroup changed and then had all my 12 matches disapeer..



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            bump again as i still havent received a reply from customer services or a time frame to the solution of my problem.

            Nothing at all.

            28th April 2014,was when my matches and data disapeered...Its now 10th june and i still havent recieved a reply or time frame.


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              Hi Leeb,

              Sorry, I've been away for the last 10 days between a genealogy conference and a few personal days, and haven't been able to get onto the forum easily. Trying to catch up on things today and tomorrow, then I'll be traveling one more time through the weekend for another genealogy event. After that, I'm staying put for 6 weeks

              Looks like your issue was finally assigned to an engineer today. So I'll continue to keep an eye on it for updates. Sorry it's taking so long, all the issues have to get prioritized before they get assigned.



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                Originally posted by efgen View Post
                Looks like your issue was finally assigned to an engineer today. So I'll continue to keep an eye on it for updates.
                Thanks Elise,I appreciate this.


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                  Issue resolved thanks to Efgen..thanks again.


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                    Missing Data

                    I have the same problem as Leeb, except I didn't lose everything in my Origins pages. The data is now so skewed because of the missing data that before, most of my ancestral/haplo origins matches were from West African countries. Since I am of African descent and had done previous tests with other companies, I instantly recognized many of the African groups in the data. Now my top matches are Israel and Spain, which doesn't make much sense at all. I originate from groups such as the Balanta, Baiote, Beafada, Brame, Manjaco, Mansonca, Nalu, Papel, Wolof, Yoruba and Cabinda. These matches used to show in my Origins pages, but now since they are gone I am a Spanish Jew.

                    I understand that you have a lot of emails to dig through, but would it be too much to ask for a free upgrade since I spent so much time emailing customer service and messing around with the website which is showing me incorrect results? The data displayed on the website is useless for me since the update.