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  • Which test makes sense?

    I have over 35 years of paper genealogical research, and have just begun DNA research. I recently did a first DNA test through ancestry (it's the $100 test...I don't know which type that is, which tells you how little I knew, and how much I have to learn). I have now targeted two brick walls on the tree: a 3rd great-grandfather on my paternal side, and a 4th great-grandfather on my mother's line. I have just one 1st cousin male descendant from each of these lines. Would they offer the best samples? Which test is the best use of time and money for this purpose? Thanks for any support you can provide! Judy

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    For a solid start on genealogy, I would test males from those lines that have the surname of interest for the Y-DNA37. The Y-DNA37 tests the part of DNA that is passed father to son. It is the test accepted by the D.A.R. as genealogical evidence at a single branch point.

    The $99 test is a universal DNA (autosomal) test that uses the DNA that comes equally from both parents. It is great for discovering recent cousins, but not that great as evidence because you can be related to people in multiple ways.


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      thank you

      I was hoping this would be the answer. Thanks also for clarifying the scope of the ancestry test (nice to know what I paid for after the fact!) Judy