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New Problems Uploading GEDCOMs?

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  • New Problems Uploading GEDCOMs?

    I updated my GEDCOM file at Family Tree DNA this week - and now the locations are missing. I've noticed this in looking at other peoples' trees but assumed they chose not to include locations (very aggravating as locations are critical to being able to match families). Now I realize it may be a glitch in the system, or perhaps one in Family Tree Maker.
    Anyway, does anyone know how to fix this problem?

    When I look at my GEDCOM back in Family Tree Maker, it is fine and includes all locations.

    Any help would be appreciated! I wrote the help desk a few days ago but have not heard back.


    PS You might check your tree to be sure this hasn't happened to the version you have up at Family Tree DNA. And if you don't have a GEDCOM up there, why not???

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    There are already several threads on the forum about this issue -- the tech guys are aware, and hopefully it will be fixed soon. They're currently working to get a couple big projects finished by the end of this coming week, so the fix might be delayed a bit until after those are done.



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      Thank you, Elise! I'm relieved that "it's not just me."