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Perplexing Geno 2.0 autosomal results

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  • Perplexing Geno 2.0 autosomal results

    I am a complete and total newbie to things DNA. I’ve been reading the Geno 2.0 site and googling around trying to find an answer to this so I hope someone here can help.

    I got my Geno 2.0 results a couple of days ago and the autosomal results were 69% NE Asian and 31% SE Asian, with reference groups of Chinese and Japanese. Maternal line is F1a and paternal line is J-PF4876.

    My genealogy on my mother’s side is southern Italian, my father was adopted but his birth surname is southern Italian. My extended family, siblings and I all look decidedly Mediterranean/European and not even remotely Chinese or Japanese. My main reason for testing was curiosity about my father's background but I assumed my mother's background was clearly Mediterranean and/or European.

    I emailed the generic address on the Geno 2.0 site asking them if it was possible I had gotten the wrong results and they said they had no further information for me regarding my results.

    Can this be correct? Am I missing some nuances of the test? Any input is appreciated. Thank you.

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    Have the results sent to Family Tree DNA. It is free to do so (you do it from your Geno 2.0 account). Give it a few days to be fully imported here and you will get additional information.


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      Thanks, I did do that, glad to hear I will get more information. I wasn't sure what to expect next. I also wonder if it would be worthwhile to do the Family Finder here or if it is similar to what I already did with the Geno 2.0?


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        It is possible that your results are not correct. My Geno 2.0 results initially were wrong as I was provided YDNA R1a and mTDNA K1a when I transferred my Geno 2.0 to FTDNA and I knew I was R1b.

        I emailed FTDNA and Geno 2.0 and it was sorted out. I was informed it was due to a software glitch so I now have my correct results.

        Somebody with mostly European or Middle Eastern ancestry should not be showing large amounts of NE and SE Asian though SW Asian is present in those populations.


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          Any suggestions about where I should go from here?

          I emailed them again and asked for a review of my results and noted that MyFTDNA had assigned me Y- haplogroup R-M64.2 (Geno 2.0 was J-PF4876) and got this reply:

          >>>FTDNA and the Genographic Project are not utilizing the same method of SNP testing nor are they using the same pool of SNPs. If you have engaged in deep SNP testing through FTDNA or another company there is no guarantee that those SNPs are included in the pool of SNPs tested by the Geno 2.0 chip. Additionally, it is possible that there will be some variation in the results of deeper SNPs tested with FTDNA and the Geno 2.0 chip due to this different methodology.

          Additionally, because of the difference in the methodology and the fact that National Geographic has not released a published version of their phylogenetic tree, we are unable to provide any meaningful explanation as to why your results are different between Geno 2.0 and Family Tree DNA. This inbox is managed by Family Tree DNA, so we would not be able to provide you with any information that differs between the two testing companies.

          Dr. Wells and the researchers behind the project will be continually updating migration maps and SNP information as the project progresses. There is no specific time frame in which these updates will occur as they are contingent upon ongoing research initiatives.

          Thank you for participating in the project!<<<


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            My suggestion would be to email both FTDNA and Geno 2.0 and explain why the results don't make sense, e.g. your results clearly show pure Asian and you are not Asian. Include as much information as you can.

            Do not be discouraged if it takes a while as it took well over a month to have my results corrected.


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              Thanks again for your help, it turns out there was a data problem. I got corrected results that make a lot more sense! I am now trying to make sure what transferred over to FTDNA is the correct stuff.