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Possible to search for a user by name?

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  • Possible to search for a user by name?

    How can I search by name to see if a user is in FTDNA? Example, someone I've connected with through 23andme, let's see if she's in FTDNA too and I can try triangulating her with a few of my FTDNA matches. 23andme has a search field. I don't see one in FTDNA. Yes I realize I can ask her if she's on FTDNA; but is there a search function? Thanks.

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    It's not possible to search the full FTDNA database. You can, however, search your own match list to see if a person is a match.

    On the Family Finder - Matches page, in the filter section at the top of the page, click the empty space just to the right of Name: and you'll then get a box where you can type the name in. If she doesn't come up, then she's either just not a match, or she hasn't tested with or transferred to FTDNA yet.



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      Thank you for the informative reply.