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Genealogy software that includes DNA results

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  • Genealogy software that includes DNA results

    Is anyone aware of any genealogy software that specifically caters to DNA information? Something that allows specific input for, say, a person's haplogroup, whether they have done any DNA testing, perhaps a checkbox to show verified relationship via DNA, or other DNA-related data? Further, the ability to allow printing reports filtered for the above would be nice.

    Personally I use a Mac, and am using Reunion 10, so responses for Mac software would be appreciated, but I'm sure many will have input on Windows software, or open source. I wonder how many companies, if any, have addressed DNA in their programs.

    I'm sure some will now allow users to create a custom note or other field on their own. But I am talking about the software makers being aware of the use of DNA for genealogy, and adapting their programs to incorporate information gathered from DNA results.

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    I use Family Tree Maker, which synchs with trees.

    It supports adding DNA info. Here is all they say...:
    Adding DNA Information

    Family Tree Maker will allow you to record DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) information for the people in your tree. DNA is the hereditary material in humans and can be used to help you identify the origins of your ancestry and find others who have a similar ancestral heritage.

    Do the following to record your DNA information in Family Tree Maker:

    1.If you do not already have your DNA information, you can order a simple test [such as from DNA Ancestry at].

    2.Add the DNA fact to your list of facts in the Person tab on the People workspace by clicking the Add fact button , choosing the DNA fact, and then clicking OK.

    3.Enter the date your DNA was tested in the DNA date field in the right panel.

    4.Enter the haplogroup in the DNA description field.

    5.Attach any other documentation (such as your DNA test results report) to the DNA media tab in the right panel.

    Bob H.


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      Thanks, Bob, that's the kind of thing I'm looking for. Maybe other genealogy software companies will start including something similar to FTM's "DNA Facts."


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        Family Tree Builder (from MyHeritage) has specific database fields for adding Y-DNA results for each marker. I think it allows for mtDNA results as well.



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          Hi KATM.

          I use Family Historian which I think is the most similar of the in support Windows packages to Reunion. At least with the software version I have there is no real support for DNA. What I did was to create an export of my pedigree only, imported it into a new project, then added all my Y and MTdna to the surname filed in brackets after the surname. Far from ideal but it's what I then used as my FTDNA GEDCOM when I uploaded it so people could see all the ancestors I had different Y and MT DNA results for in my FF pedigree.

          I was taking a look at Wikitree recently which seems to be amongst the best of the non commercial sites for incorporating DNA into a tree. I am still evaluating whether to use them.



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            The Master Genealogist also allows you to enter Y-DNA and mtDNA values from various companies and output reports, etc.


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              Thanks efgen, Earl, & MoberlyDrake. Good points all. I'll check out Family Tree Builder for the Mac.

              I've seen a comparison chart for Mac genealogy software, which includes some DNA features, in this article: Family Tree Maker for Mac 2 What You Must Know Before You Buy, under subheading "Mac Genealogy Software Feature Comparison."

              It looks like among the four software programs compared (Family Tree Maker for Mac 2, iFamily for Leopard, MacFamilyTree, and Reunion), only FTM for Mac 2 offers anything concerning DNA results, under "Management Tools." None offer charts or reports, at least at the time the article was written - 2 years ago. Family Tree Maker for Mac 3 has come out since then - no word on if it still has the DNA feature.

              I seem to recall that there used to be a couple of more genealogy programs for Mac (Heredis?), but I haven't kept up with them. I'll contact the makers of Reunion, and see if they have any plans to add any functions for DNA in the future.

              I hope more software includes the ability for entering DNA info soon.


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                Roots Magic has had the dna fact field since 2008, input all your Y &/or mt DNA, including kit no. company tested by etc. but there is no mac version.