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How do the calculate a date for a haplogroup

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  • How do the calculate a date for a haplogroup

    After watching several films and reading info on the WWW, I still do not understand how they can pinpoint at date on a haplogroup. Oldest man "Adam" was suppose to live 60.000 years ago. (Haplogroup A00 - Spencer Wells). All males have M-168. Some others say oldest human DNA is 400.000 old (Nature, New York Times December 2013). Than they pinpoint other haplogroups at 25.000 years ago or 9000 years ago. I understand all haplogroups are a mutation form the original haplogroup A00.

    Can some explain to me how they put a date on these haplogroups please?

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    Unfortunately, dating haplogroups is akin to utilizing a sun dial. You can come up with a rough time estimate, but too many folk want the time down to the last second. It simply ain't gonna happen.