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Haplogroup A outside of the Americas?

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    are you on a canary list?

    they found two distinct haplogroup C1.. maybe they met here from both sides of the world..
    is there C1 on the canary islands that claims to be from the canary island but keeps being told they are "asian" or "native american"? I am was pretty sure I found some when I was looking into their legends a few years back.
    they may want to send their Dna to Sorensons labs to see which of the groups their C is in (ps where my aunts dna was done).

    Originally posted by Eternitat View Post
    According to the Genographic Project, I turned out to be Haplogroup A.
    This came as a surprise, because this is a Native American Indian Haplogroup.

    Please let me know as much as you can.
    no they can tell you what is, but not what was.