Dear FTDNA Participants,

Family Tree DNA has recently changed their way of reporting a null value for Y-Chromosome marker DYS439.

To see if you have a "null439", go to and enter your Kit Number and Password under "MY FTDNA." Then go to the "Y-DNA DYS Values" tab and check you results.

A null value is indicated by a blue asterisk beside DYS439 and text that reads:

* System assigned value. Your DNA sample produced no result for DYS 439.

Project administrators may also go to their respective Group Administrator Page and select the "Generate Y-DNA Results for copy & paste" option. Null439 results will be indicated by a blue 12 in the DYS439 column.

The null at DYS439 is caused by a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP). Folks who have a "null439" most likely belong to a small group within haplogroup R1b and share a common ancestor in the last 3000 years.

Please check out for more information on nulls at DYS439, or contact me at lwlittle(at) if you have a null439 in your results.

Best Regards, Leo

Leo W. Little
Little DNA Project, et al