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  • Need your help, advice how to start

    Hi I would like to ask you probably the most popular question, which test should I order ? I do understand basics, I know what the difference is between paternal and maternal lines however, I’m so lost. I see all those post on forum, results etc.

    Thing I wish to know the most is if my DNA saying anything about Jewish roots. Will the result can tell me in the percentages who am I or the only way to get is will be Family Finder option. Will the result can provide information about Jewish roots ? without getting Family Finder Test ?

    I see tests:
    Y-DNA37 (few others of YDNA) and mtFullSequence
    When I click on Jewish Ancestry from the Home page. Which test should I take ? Probably both to figure it out from paternal and maternal line right ? this is logic... I see test
    yes I’m not looking to spend a fortune Is this is good option to figure it out if my DNA may have some Jewish parts ? From the reviews and opinion all over the internet I have a reason to believe that this is a place to be best of the best... so here I am... and now I need your little help Thank you for everything !

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    Unless your question about Jewish roots is specifically related to your male line, I think the Family Finder is the cheapest and most likely productive test to order.

    The population finder is still (in my opinion) in early days, but will likely point to what you are interested in.

    The matches will certainly tell you a lot. One thing that mine have told me is that lots of people have Jewish roots and lots of Jewish people have diverse roots.


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      If you want to know if some of your 16 GG grandparents had Jewish ancestry take the Family Finder test. If you are only interested in your direct paternal ancestry perhaps take the Y37 or Y67 tests. To be overly simplistic please remember that Judaism is a religion with all sorts of ancestral DNA in practicing Jews so there is no 'Jewish DNA' per say. What you will be looking for in your results is the number of Jewish DNA matches you get after testing. If 60% of your matches appear to be Jewish then you will feel confident about having ancestry for example. Do you suspect Ashkenazi or Sephardic ancestry?


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        I expect big percentage of Ashkenazi. I'll start with family finder test... Thank you for advice !