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    Originally posted by Rebekah Canada View Post

    I am going to add that a Y-DNA STR testing technology change is coming shortly. A really good swab is now universally important.
    Ooooh! I am part of the L21+ project and the M222+ project, and we would like to know more about the new testing technology, please.


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      New Testing Technology

      I would also like to know more about the new technology and what it will mean for customers--faster, more precision, more STRs, or what?



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        Extra swabs??

        I just want to confirm what is necessary in order to have extra swabs sent out.

        My cousin tested mtdna originally at National Geographic and transferred to FTDNA back in 2005. Since that time, she has continued to have additional testing including Family Finder and upgrade to FMS. My cousin is the only direct female descendant on that line, so FMS was important, but we might want to do something else in the future.

        This weekend when I placed an order, I requested an extra swab be sent to her to make sure we have enough on file for whatever future super duper testing comes along.

        Of the 3 responses I received from customer support, 2 said there was enough on file for the current test and we could simply collect another sample next time. (Might I point out, that it isn't always possible to get another sample?) One said all I needed was the request, her kit number and confirmed mailing address.

        I have extra on file for my dad (advanced Parkinson's), my grandmother, her brother and my grandfather's cousin (all in their 90s) and never had a request denied or even challenged before.

        I don't know if a new kit is being sent or not as the most recent response indicated it was not... and don't know if the policy has since changed. It seems like it would be a good idea to help people make sure they have a little available while it is possible to collect instead of waiting until "next time". I have found this referenced on the forum as recently as Jan 2014, but don't know if it's in the FAQ somewhere or not.


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          Hopefully solved

          Got a quick response...

          In the future, I will remember to add the magic phrase "Attention Michelle, SOS" to the subject line when I respond back. That should get the attention of the support manager who is trying to get a bunch of new reps up to speed.

          Thank you to Rebekah and the FTDNA support staff who helped to resolve this issue.

          As of 4/3, it is possible to get an extra swab to keep on file.