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Benefit of BIG Y Test in Determining Ancestral Relationships

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    paulgill-- FG -is- best, in that it tests all the testable y-chromosome, and you get everything done at once. HOWEVER you have to have the cash to take advantage of it, or have the person who donates the y-dna still be able to donate y-dna when you accumulate the cash. In the meantime, Big Y seems like it will test a great many of the SNPs possible for less dollars now.

    Brunetmj-- I hope you find additional major SNPs under DF13. That would be really cool. I hope you get matches, too.
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      BIG Y will give you only 40% of FG snps.
      True at close to 3x the cost. But no matter , after the FS results come in
      It should be obvious what new Major SNP 's are available and could also be tested for


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        My brother also has 9 matches at Y-111, from GD 3 to 9; and we have done FF, without any of them showing up. We don't really know how we are related, so this Big Y test might actually define things better.


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          Mm is he really your biological brother with the same father? If so how is it possible that you have so few y111 markers in common and why isn't he showing up in family finder?