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  • Haplogroup Predictor Question

    I received the results of my 12 marker genographic test from National Geographic and they assigned me to Haplogroup I (m170). Later on , while surfing the internet, I came across a site where you enter your str's in the appropriate Loci boxes and a Haplogroup is predicted from the entered data.
    It implied that I was in Haplogroup I1a. I did the numbers several times and it kept coming up I1a for my predicted Haplogroup. I thought the site might be but I can't find the Haplogroup predictor there.

    I'm trying to find this website again with no luck. Can anyone help me?

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    Read the theory here:

    Find the predictor here:


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      Haplogroup Predictor

      Thanks Victor for your prompt reply...I appreciate your help.

      Maybe I'm losing my marbles but I seem to remember that the haplogroup predictor MAY have been on the site. It was quite awhile ago when I used it..maybe 5 or 6 months ago. Is it possible that they may have removed it? If so, I could understand why.