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R-P310* L11* (negative - P312 & U106-)

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  • R-P310* L11* (negative - P312 & U106-)

    R-P310* L11* (negative - P312 & U106-) South Baltic Modal Haplotype

    This is a closed genealogy group for those who are interested in tracing there family origins further back and have taken a Ydna deep clade test and have tested R1b1a2a1a R-L11* (P310*) or L11+ (negative P312- & U106) - Family members or representatives of those tested may also be welcome if participation will help further our research - Please fell free to share any information, pictures, thoughts or stories that you may feel relevant - We are here for a common goal so please don't be afraid to ask questions. - can you confirm your test results by return message or web link before your membership is approved.

    In support of the purpose of the group, we are especially interested in anyone who is P 310*/L11* who knows their ancestral lineage in Europe. This information helps us identify historical movements of people from areas considered 'hot-spots' for P310*/L11* DNA.

    Our current starting point is evolving as the Sth Baltic region and we have been able to gather from multiple sources, evidence of tribal/group movements from the Sth Baltic to the other 2 best known P310*/L11* hot-spots of Sth Alps (Switzerland/Nth Italy) and the Midlands of England. Our primary source for these hot-spots is a major study done by N.Myres et al in 2010.