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what happened in Jul & Aug

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  • what happened in Jul & Aug

    Let me start by saying i just got back from the conference

    let me also say i was very wrong saying it was because of the use of undergrads although i suggested they tie them up in summer and christmas break

    ok now the story is

    national geo promised them when the project started 10,000 kits per month
    at the second week of the project they dropped 40+ thousand kits. as of last friday they had 64,401 done in the project out of about 75,000 from geo.
    this is more kits then they have done as ftdna alone from the also didnt count the ones reg ftdna customers sent

    now does that seem like alot well yeah it is but thats not the total story
    this is they have since the begiining of the year switched to a total robotic system added many more security double and triple checks and the use of bar codes which eliminated hand checking. they have added several machines whcih will allow for greater and clearer reading of snps and all the dna stuff they do. all this stuff is why the batches now go out at one week instead of two weeks

    this is why they can now do the complete mtdna h

    i hope i remembered all of it but i dont think i did.
    oh yeah one more thing they have revamped the web program to allow alot of the new features you have seen and will be seeing lol. and thats good stuff.
    the summer was a problem but it has lead to a system which will be able to handle the type of tidalwave of kits they experianced

    oh yeah incase any of you thought for a second i work for them they got their full of me in hour two of the conference .i have that ability to effect people that way lol