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Forthcoming book, The British: A Genetic Journey

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  • Forthcoming book, The British: A Genetic Journey


    I have deleted the rest of my draft post because I don't like the way my book notices prompt uninformed opinion by people who have not read the book. So I will probably close this thread right away.

    Let me just say that haven't pre-ordered this book, and before you do you should look up the web site of the company in which the author is a partner, where you will find a sample report which contains a list of Y chromosome SNPs and their supposed origin in Britain. If you don't agree with those conclusions, you should probably not pre-order this book.

    Also, if you're not familiar with this research team, note that they are famous/infamous for not submitting their findings to peer-reviewed academic journals. If you like research findings which are bold, you'll probably like what you see in this book. If you like research finding which are cautious, better stick to the academic journals.

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    I haven't yet read the book, so perhaps it is unfair of me even to post here, but I have corresponded with Wilson about several matters and find him personable and well informed.

    Moffatt, from his previous publications and press interviews, seems a bit of a sensationalist (overstates his case). I don't think that necessarily undermines the value of all his work but based on his previous tendencies to do so, your caveats seem absolutely correct, fair, and merited to me.


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      Keep an eye out for this book.


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        Right, I wrote a short review of that one for the Amazon site here in the UK ---


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          Jim, I wanted to give your review a thumbs up, but couldn't; apparently one has to have a separate log in for Amazon UK. Anyway, thanks for letting us know!