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very stupid question- snp

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  • very stupid question- snp

    I been testing the Y chromo and been following the snp as far back as possible.

    the question I have is if I test on my mother side, mta, are they still going have snp, and how do they separate from the y chromo.

    I get confuse the way everybody jump around and say they got this and they got that, when my philosophy is follow the male line, if you have indian on male side then it goes all the way back on indian side, if you got indian on female side then no big deal because im follow male.

    I know that sound BS, but just notice the way people jump around so they can claim and pick and choose what they want.

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    There in nothing wrong in doing what you are doing following the lines you are interested in. For myself I thought well I have two grandfathers, why would I research one and not the other? Why is one more valid to research than the other? Extending this out to other grandfathers and other grandmothers thorough MTDNA I thought it would eventually be nice if as many of my children’s lines of decent were known. So far my son knows three lines of Y descent and four of MT descent.