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Halpogroup I - Vikings?

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  • Halpogroup I - Vikings?

    Just got my Dad's Y DNA results back and we are Halpogroup I supposedly from the Vikings.
    I am having a difficult time understanding the numbers though.
    For says under our "Recent Ethnic Origins" that England for example has 36 exact matches, Scotland 11 etc.
    Then as it goes to the One Step Mutations...England becomes 85, Scotland 36 etc. etc.

    What does this mean? I can't seem to find a good explanation for those numbers, so have come here in hopes that someone will be able to explain that to me.
    These are our largest numbers too, ...England, Scotland, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and then the Unknown Origins numbers are really big too, why is that? Also the United Kingdom numbers are quite large, why aren't they designated to either England, Scotland, Ireland etc. etc.? I don't quite understand that category either.
    Thank you for any help.

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    Scandinavians had alot of contact with the British Isles e.g. the Viking invasions. There is a strong Viking influence in Scotland and the northern parts of England and Ireland.There is also a strong Danish influence in central and southern England.


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      Please see There are a large number Anglo-Saxon descendants who are I1a and there may have been some who where I1c in the British Isles prior to the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons.

      Sincerely, Peter

      Peter J. Roberts
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