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Info. wanted on Mt K Varieties

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  • Info. wanted on Mt K Varieties

    Does anyone know anything about the possible variations of Mt K? I think there are fifteen kinds of them,thirteen of them all German and the other two may have some other stuff,but I'm not sure what that is since I can't get a straight answer from anyone.But that would help me learn more about who these people are and about myself . Or just a further explanation on them if anyone knows where to look.

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    A little more about mt K

    I did find out a little about mt K variations.(mt K originates in Germany/Austria)( acutally the leader of FamilyTreeDNA told me that when I asked Him where was mtK from).A man who studies them noted their numbers vary by nation or something like that.So there are norwegian ones,english ones,irish ones, german ones, and french ones.I didn't understand the chart too well,but I did see I had a number from the German set and four numbers from the Irish set.But I still can't define myself yet.This man also has catagories for mt K, like K1, K2. I'd have to ask him which one he thinks I am.He knows those charts better than I do.I learned this and I emailed this man researching this mt K Haplogroup,because he said to send in your sequneces to enlarge their research,which I did. But so far I'm real happy with these DNA quests and revelations.Next,I'm yearning to get my male DNA revealed through my mother's brother(my uncle)!