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Haplogroups I and R1b with same surname

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  • Haplogroups I and R1b with same surname

    I am the administrator for the Haldane/Hadden study. So far, we have three participants, so the data isn't significant. But it IS interesting. The participants are John (me), Ian, and Don. We would like to find out three things eventually:

    1. What are the origins of our families (and is there one common origin for the Haldane (aka Hadden) family in Scotland/England? (This has been partially answered as i will note below).

    2. For literally CENTURIES, the family "myth" has been that Haldane means "Half Dane" and that its origins are to the Norwegian "kings" and invaders of that name (Haelfedane is famous in Danish lore). Can this be shown by the DNA evidence?

    3. The Haldanes of Gleneagles have held the same lands for over 800 years. We have "paper trails" back through the Ragman Roles and earlier tracing ancestry to roughly 1100 a.d. in East Lothian (aka Haddington) shire. The participants want to know if we are related to that ancient family or are seprate groups. This will, of course, require at least one participant with a paper trail proof to be part of that family - something we do not yet have.

    Each of the 3 participants so far has done the 37 marker test. John has his 37 marker results while Ian has the 25 results and Don the 12. The results show the following:

    Don, who traces his family to Walls End England ca. 1800, is Haplogroup R1b.
    John and Ian, who share an ancestor born 1746 in East Lothian, Scotland, are Haplogroup I. (John also got Haplogroup I results from a separate National Genographic test). John and Ian match perfectly at the 12 marker test and have a variance of 1 at the 25 marker test.

    The results show Don is most certainly NOT related to John and Ian. This is significant and answers question number 1 above about us all having a common ancestor. It does not answer the origins question though.

    I would like to hear from this group of more experienced and better-read people as to the other questions.

    Is there any answer we can find from the data obtained so far? What would be our next step (besides recruiting more participants, which we are trying to do)?

    Are there good articles to read regarding the Viking (Norwegian and Danish especially) origins of our family? I have seen that Haplogroup R1b Haplogroup I seem to represent over 3/4 of the representation in the eastern and southern Scotland/England areas where our families "originate." I have read that Haplogroup I is the "Vikings" Haplogroup, but I have also read things that dispute that. The Genographic Project said that determining that I was the origin of the Celtic population would be "fascinating," but was not proven.

    I await the great wisdom and experience of this forum (as well as the humble opinions). Thank you!

    John Haldane