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English H haplo's ?

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  • English H haplo's ?

    Until today, I was not convinced about my H haplo because my research has traced back to England. But, my eldest son's DNA test came back the same exact way and confirmed my results and haplo.

    All the other Lock(e)'s for the most part are R1(a & b's) , but yet I am a H.
    So until my son was tested, I wasn't comfortable with my results.
    After some reading, it appears the English H's are of Frank descent? Is this correct? The Franks are of Norhtern Euro descent from what I read?

    I am not really into Haplo groups so I don't really know much about what to gather from this. It is obvious I do not match that of the England Lock(e)'s.
    Bennett did tell me H was rare in the UK, so I am wondering if there are any other H's out there with English descent?

    Also, under my haplo results there are mutations listed, what does that mean exactly? Like 4th mutation c3

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    Did you do the SNP test? That confirms with certainty the haplogroup.

    I read that y-DNA H is most common in Pakistan & places nearby. The only migration within historical times from South Asia to Europe was that of the gypsies (or Roma).

    I suggest that you triangulate your y-DNA lineage with the most distant Locke cousin you can find. If he tests as H, you might consider the above as a likely origin of your patriline.

    Timothy Peterman


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      Hi Tim

      Yes my SNP has been completed and confirmed, free test I might add Thanks FTDNA! On my Haplo web page it says M69+ , not sure exactly what that means?

      I have several very distant cousins contacted and just waiting for them to participate, hopefully soon. Some are up to 9 generations distance to me where we connect. On my sons recent 12 marker test, he has a exact match to 1 England hit under the haplo group, while I do not show this England match, but all the rest of the data is about the exact same, possibly my page hasn't been updated. I guess my next step is to upgrade.

      I am way behind the history curve so bear with me, am trying to catch up now lol

      I have done some reading about some of the H's and here are some of the links I have found to date. On one site and I forget which one, I thought it said some H's were Franks, and the Franks ruled Rome for a while, and it said something along the lines much of France was made up of the Franks.

      Bennett did tell me that H's were in England, but were rare.

      I do have my direct tree traced back to 1689 in Calvert County Maryland USA. And 2 old books state my immigrant ancestor was of English parentage. So we must be talking about a considerable amount of time, before my ancestors went to England. And to think, I am stuck in the 1600's, can't even amagine trying to find my lineage much past the 1600's lol. Took me a better part of 15 years to get this far! ROFL.

      I don't know how accurate the data is on the links below, just some sites I found and read.


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        I was looking for posts on India and found yours. In a way, my situation is
        somewhat similar because I am European (Italian), but belong to an Indian haplogroup (in my case, haplogroup L). If you are interested, there is a recent paper by Sengupta et al., Polarity and temporality etc. that talks about Indian Y-chromosome haplogroups - although it's almost impossible to read. If you are interested, somebody has put online the data from that paper, so you can check if there are matches to your STR. See
        and then the post by Bonnie Schrack - Sengupta paper. They have hundreds of people in haplogroup H (the file is arranged by haplogroup, then by STR in decreasing order), so you may be able to find more matches.

        Isn't it fascinating to find a "strange" result? I've been thinking about what could have brought Indian haplogroups in Europe (gypsies? slaves? traders?), but I guess it will be impossible to know.