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Opinions on DNA results much appreciated - FTDna, Ancestry and Dr. McDonald

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  • confetticake
    tomcat - you have no idea the work I have put into my family research.
    I'm new to DNA testing so you will have to forgive me for not knowing it would be worthless (and apparently offensive ?) for me to post asking for input. No one forced you to comment.

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  • tomcat
    You don't have any doc's on half your ancestry so why would any of us risk an opinion on whether your admixture results from three providers are wrong or right?

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  • Opinions on DNA results much appreciated - FTDna, Ancestry and Dr. McDonald

    Hi Everyone - I purchased the autosomal DNA kit from, I then uploaded the raw data to FTDna, and I also submitted the raw data to Dr. McDonald for his analysis. A brief run down of what I was expecting:

    Maternal Grandmother supposedly of Scottish descent, but never confirmed as I have not been able to document back to the ancestor who first came to the US
    Maternal Granddather - unknown, my mother never knew him, was only told his last name was "Clark"

    Paternal Grandmother - 100% Hungarian, well documented, although her father was from Bohemia
    Paternal Grandfather - 100% Southern Italian, very well documented that both of his parents were from Campania region of Italy, documented to late 1700s.

    Let's just say I would not be surprised if there were a NPE (non paternal event) somewhere in my paternal line.

    AncestryDna results:

    49% British Isles
    20% Middle Eastern
    21% Eastern European
    10% Central European

    FTDna PF results:

    70.73% Orcadian
    29.27% Middle Eastern (Palestinian, Bedouin, Jewish)

    Dr. Doug McDonald:

    This is the message he wrote me and I will attach the map and graphs he attached:
    “The automated computer results are as follows.
    Please read the attached .rtf file for an explanation of how to
    interpret all the data and plots. Both can be misleading without interpretation.

    Most likely fit is 74.3% (+- 9.6%) Europe (various subcontinents)
    and 25.7% (+- 9.6%) Mideast (various subcontinents)

    The following are possible population sets and their fractions,
    most likely at the top

    English= 0.673 Jewish= 0.327 or
    French= 0.840 Turkish= 0.160 or
    Germany= 0.643 Jewish= 0.357 or
    Irish= 0.643 Sephardic= 0.357 or
    Irish= 0.602 Jewish= 0.398 or
    Hungary= 0.806 Sephardic= 0.194 or
    English= 0.711 Sephardic= 0.289 or
    Hungary= 0.779 Jewish= 0.221 or
    French= 0.875 Iranian= 0.125 or
    French= 0.862 Armenian= 0.138
    Second most likely fit is 100% Europe (various subcontinents)

    The following are possible population sets and their fractions,
    most likely at the top
    Sicily= 0.241 Hungary= 0.759 or
    Tuscan= 0.360 Hungary= 0.640 or
    Sicily= 0.421 Irish= 0.579 or
    Tuscan= 0.565 Irish= 0.435 or
    French= 0.370 Romania= 0.630 or
    Tuscan= 0.590 Poland= 0.410 or
    Sicily= 0.447 Poland= 0.553 or
    English= 0.218 Romania= 0.782 or
    Sicily= 0.347 English= 0.653 or
    Tuscan= 0.656 Lithuania= 0.344

    Since you expect a three-fold (at least) mix, I did a custom fit:

    Russian 0.0722 French 0.7901 Georgian 0.1376 or
    French 0.7398 Romania 0.1337 Adygei 0.1265 or
    English 0.6382 Romania 0.1843 Armenian 0.1775 or
    English 0.6192 Finland 0.0907 Cypriot 0.2901 or
    Irish 0.4643 Tuscan 0.4660 Adygei 0.0698 or
    Germany 0.3786 Spain 0.4744 Adygei 0.1470 or
    French 0.7230 Hungary 0.1335 Adygei 0.1434 or
    English 0.6107 Hungary 0.1702 Armenian 0.2191 or
    Irish 0.5236 Tuscan 0.3636 Armenian 0.1128 or
    Irish 0.4951 Tuscan 0.4309 Georgian 0.0741”

    I guess my "main" question is:

    Do you think that the Middle Eastern portion of my results are legit/recent - or do you think that is actually representing Southern Italian?

    If anyone wants to give their opinions on what my Primary ancestry is looking to be, or any input in general as far as whether or not it looks consistent with my paternal lines, I would great appreciate it. I'm new to this and reading up on how to interpret results, but it gets confusing with the plethora of info out there. Thanks so much!
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