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    My father has always thought that he might have been adopted. Relatives sometimes hinted that he was actually his mother's brother's son. His parents would never say anything about it though and now everyone who knows the truth has passed on. I'm wondering if genetic testing would be able to flesh out the truth.

    I hypothesize that an mtDNA test would bring out the details - was my father really raised by his biological aunt? This is a bit confusing to write about so for clarity's sake, I will assume he was adopted. His adoptive mother and father had 2 daughters, who each had 1 son. If I were to obtain the son's mtDNA sequences, and compare them to my father's mtDNA, would it tell us if he was adopted? If he was adopted, I imagine the mtDNA would be different, as he inherited his mtDNA from his biological mother, while they obtained it from his adoptive mother. Is this correct reasoning? If so, what tests would I have to order?

    Thanks for helping to unravel this mystery!