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Most effective test for testing for a 4th cousin

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  • Most effective test for testing for a 4th cousin


    I basically have a huge family tree that's connected to me through my mother's, father's, mother's, mother's side of the family. I know that there's a person connected to my tree from that side of the family (See tree.jpeg for the connection that I was able to discover (Me = Myself, Jerry, T = The person I found that links to my family tree) and I know that there's probably even more connections from that side of the family. I'd like to know what DNA test on familytreedna would help me to discover more connections in that general area of my family tree.


    Jeremiah O'Neal
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    The Family Finder type test is the only test where the sex of the ancestors doesn't matter. From your drawing neither you nor "T" have a direct paternal or direct maternal line back to the common ancestors. This eliminates both Y-DNA and mtDNA.