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Formula for calculating Neanderthal Percentage?

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    their chromosome painting compares to their own database, I assume? so it shows me mostly as Toscani from italy, with bits of African and Mexican and Chinese and Gujarati Indian.
    From my paper research I'm mostly NW and eastern European, with a small % of African and some Native American from eastern NA most likely. The African was new to me when I tested, Dr. McDonald found that as have some other utilities, same with the Native American although family stories have said the same about the native American. I also have vague references to east Asian and SIberian in some tests which might come from the eastern European (Ukraine) in me. I also have a significant amount of middle eastern.


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      Thanks, Felix! Your application worked. So I got this, but what % is this?
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        Originally posted by ahernandez View Post
        Thanks, Felix! Your application worked. So I got this, but what % is this?
        I am not entirely sure but I believe you have 12 mutations out of 84 !? which gives, 12*100/84 = 14.29% but what I heard and read is, only less than 4% is inherited from neanderthals to everyone outside of Africa. As I said, I am not sure. I also require someone to explain how to translate into a %.


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          Originally posted by Brunetmj View Post
          In this article DNA evidence is discussed.

          Thanks for the article. Now can someone explain in layman terms how the following two relate (quoted from the article above):

          Based on this information, Svante Paabo of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany concluded that the Neandertal and modern human genomes share 99.5-99.9% of their base unit sequences.
          Further analysis of the Vindija Cave Neandertal DNA by Richard Green of the University of California, Santa Cruz led him to announce in 2010 that 1-4% of the DNA in modern Europeans and Asians came from Neandertals.
          If I take the first quote it sort of suggests that 0.1-0.5% of the genome is unique for neanderthal - and thus cannot be found in humans in any similar way. So then what part of the neanderthal genome that is unique for neanderthal and is not shared by humans is nevertheless found back in 1-4% of our human genome. Doesn't rhyme to me.... or.....