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Please ignore mtDNA and Y chromosomal haplogroups

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    Originally posted by madman View Post
    If I could I would its what makes you get older.
    Good luck with that madman. If this is a concern for you I suggest a diet rich in antioxidants, as it may help repair or rejuvenate damaged mtDNA from the aging process. Who knows maybe the scientists will find the "Fountain of Youth" from our mtDNA.

    Javelin well said-"Take all your mitochondria out of all your cells, let's see how long you can live without them. "


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      Speaking of mtDNA:


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        Originally posted by madman View Post
        Mtdna is just a protein
        Astounding ignorance!


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          I'm most interested in my mtDNA and Y chromosomal haplogroups. Later on when the tests get better and cheaper I'd like to explore the rest of my DNA.


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            Autosomal DNA

            I am female. To learn something on my father's line should I get the autosomal test?
            His paternal gr.father was b.1830 Scotland. I do not know about the gr.mother other than her name and supposedly b.Louisiana. I know more on the gr.father's mother's Scottish line into late 1600s.

            My father's father was b.TX of Scottish and ___ descent. My father's mother was b.TX but her father b.Cuba/Mexico and her mother b.Germany.
            Cuba/Mexico line to 1805 (the father in Spanish army). The German line to about 1815 in Germany.
            =What do you think is best: autosomal or mtFullSequence or what? Or do I know enough that additional info is a waste of money?



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              I am going to post this in a new thread since it is not really applicable to this older thread.

              Family Tree DNA