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What does phased data tell me?

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  • What does phased data tell me?

    If I have a test from each parent, what does phased data do for me? I understand I can tell to a good degree where each of my own genes come from, but does it tell me anything else that matching each parent individually to other people does not?

    Help me understand!

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    Good Question. I'll defer to the genetic experts but if you can test both your biological parents, you will get nothing from testing yourself or your siblings. So in such a case, it would be much better to test grandparents. But again, if you can test both parents of your parent, there is no value in testing your parent or their siblings. Similarly, if you have all 4 grandparents tested, there is no value in having 1st cousins tested. The caveat to all this is of course is by doing such tests anyway it can confirm biological relationships. For example, if you were to test all 4 grand parents and a 1st cousin, and that 1st cousin has dna that the 4 grandparents don't have, then you've determined that there is an NPE in that cousins pedigree back to the grandparents.

    The way I see it, as soon as you don't have both parents of an individual available, that is the time to start testing siblings, uncles, aunts etc.