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The reason it takes so long to run a batch?

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    Originally posted by gtc View Post
    I agree with your point that I have bolded. In recent times FTDNA has made a right mess of various IT changes that it has tried to implement, and I wouldn't be surprised if its administrative systems (such as batch oversight) are in a mess, too.
    Exactly. I very much doubt this has anything to do with the capabilities of the processing equipment at the lab, as convenient an excuse as that may be.

    I think it is much more likely to be a procedural issue with the way the batches in the ~490-505 range were handled.
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      If I remember correctly, there was a discussion several years ago about how tests were run and it was stated that FTDNA waited until they had enough samples to fill a plate. I don't remember how many samples each plate held, but because the plates are very expensive, they wait till they are completely filled.

      Someone who knows more about it can correct me if I'm wrong.

      Perhaps they are selling lots of mtDNA tests and Y-DNA tests and are filling those plates quickly and running the tests quickly, but are selling few Family Finder tests and it's taking forever to fill a plate??? Just a guess!

      All I know is, I was reading posts on the Batch Calendar forum a while ago, and some people are really angry because they've been waiting 4 to 6 months for their FF results. I can understand how they feel. Heck, I'm frustrated just because I never get any new FF results and I can't make any progress at breaking down genealogy brick walls.

      Customers shouldn't have to wait that long to get something they've paid for unless there was a clear understanding at the time they purchased the product that it took that long. I have purchased hand-made items with the understanding that it would be 6 to 9 months before I received the item. I knew what to expect. But FTDNA promises results within a certain time frame and then repeatedly extends it without any explanations or concern for their customers feelings. That's no way to do business!