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What if Spartacus had a Piper Cub?

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  • What if Spartacus had a Piper Cub?

    Remember that skit from the old Saturday Night live where they spoofed historical television programmes by re-enacting Spartacus' slave rebellion, but also giving him a Piper Cub aircraft?

    What if they had genetic genealogy testing back in the 15th century?

    Tony Robinson did a special some years back, "Britain's Real Monarch" that claimed to show evidence that Edward IV was actually the son of a Welsh archer rather than Richard, Duke of York. What if they were able to use Y and/or autosomal tests back then to prove that for a fact?

    What if Alessandro de Medici's Population finder came back with a 50% subsaharan African reading? Would that have been considered proof that he was actually the illegitimate son of Pope Clement VII and a chamber maid?

    Just makes you wonder. . .

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    Yep, DNA testing of the so-called nobility would certainly put the cat among the pigeons, even today.