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Virginia settlers - where in England did they come from?

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    Originally posted by derinos View Post
    Derinos says: The Normans were the latest generation from the invading Norsemen who had very recently appropriated that region of France. Their "last names" on arrival to take over England often came from their families' currently owned French estates, acquired by conquest or marriage. William The Conqueror's mother was the Breton (Celtic) daughter of a rich leather merchant. His father descended from the Norse King Knud, (Canute) who ruled the conjoined realms of England, Denmark and Norway about 66 years earlier, that being William's right to the Crown. Enjoy!
    From what I gathered, Canute was Danish; son of Sveyn (or sinilar) Forkbeard, who in turn was the son of Harold Bluetooth. William's direct paternal line goes back to Rollo Ragnvalsson (or similar) of Norway. But the Danish royal family (children of Bluetooth) and the Norwegians blended in together in Normandy, along with the occasional Frankish and Flemish wife. The wife of Bluetooth came from Sweden, so there is also her mtDNA haplotype flowing in various peoples' blood. At least that's what I gathered online. (I hope I remembered all that right.)
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      Recycled Vikings

      Derinos: Or another way to say it, Normans were "recycled Vikings".