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    I am female and my cousin has agreed to do the test because we are doing the male only line. My problem is I want the kit sent to me. I will meet him to do the swab and then I will send it back in and I want the results to come to me. He doesn't want to deal with that, but is all for doing the test. I am the family genealogist and paying for this. Can anyone help.

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    I have the same situation...female and asking an older male cousin to test for Y-DNA. I ordered the test in my name, had it sent to my address to sign the release form ( again in my name) and forwarded the test to him. He tested with the kit and returned it with the postage I added to the return envelope. I am able to maintain his privacy and deal with the results, interpreting, etc. I forward the results and keep him informed of any matches, etc. from his test.

    The only issue I've had is making sure the correct surname is added to my name at the end - in my account - instead of just my married name. Project databases pull this info from your account - so you'll want the correct surname there when/if you join surname projects ( it's also easy to change later in your FTDA account.)

    Also the Y-DNA certificate will come in your name, not your cousins, if done this way.


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      I've dealt with many situations like this, initially with y-DNA, but over the last couple of years with Family Finder. I order the kits pre-paid with the name TBD TBD TBD (which simply means To Be Determined) & make them c/o myself & sent to my address, with my e-mail linked.

      I then contact the appropriate cousins that I would like to see participate. If they decline, I hold the kit for someone else. In some cases, I have finally used the kit at least 5 years after it was initially ordered.

      If I have Family Tree DNA send the kit direct to the participant, I usually make arrangements that I will pay for it when it is returned. But this method doesn't work at all with sales; the kit would likely be returned after the window has closed. I haven't done it this wasy in years.

      Timothy Peterman


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        I have ordered and paid for kits for others, putting their name and address in for the kit - so it is sent to them, my e-mail in, so I get the contacts and responses, and my info in for billing info. Of course, only after talking to them and getting their agreement. Then you sweat it out, hoping they follow thru. So far has worked out fine, tho sometimes needed a follow-up call to remind them.

        Timothy -
        1]when ordering extra Kits for Family Finder (eg on sale), do not know who will eventually use them -- do you say male or female? Or is there a way to say not known yet? Or do you order some of each?

        Also - 2] how does one handle taking the kits to someone via Airplane - can they go thru in carry-on, and if so does one open the package, pull out vials and put vials in the plastic bag of liquids, or ??


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          I use male as the default. Family Tree DNA will change it if a female sends it in. The gender selection at the very beginning appears there to stop someone from ordering a y-DNA kit for a woman.

          I have never tried to take a kit by airplane. When I identify a participant, I simply place the whole unopened kit in another envelope & mail it. Early on, I collected a few samples in person, but always travelled by car.

          Timothy Peterman