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    Is it possible to have an "in Common" match with someone who you are not related to, but who shares the same segment of DNA on the Ch that you do?

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    Well, if my brother in law tested, we'd both show up as having a match to his daughter.

    If both he and I had a segment of common DNA with each other, then we're related, if below the threshold FF can normally detect.


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      Let me restate this

      Can someone that IS a match for you on your paternal side, show up in an "in common" match , just because they share the same space segment of a Chromosome, but they would not in effect be related to this "in common" match though, they would be related to someone else on the paternal side of your family? I know it sounds as confused as I feel. An "in common' match turned up about 7 matches. They all seem to match on the maternal side of the family except for one which is definetly on the paternal side. If they happened to share that segment of DNA, two different sides of the familu, would they show, could they show up as an "in common" match?
      Thank you.
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        Since (eventually) everyone is related, it is possible for someone to show up as a closer match to one side of your family when in fact they are more closely related to the other. When this happens, it's just dna from both sides of your family lines coming together to spoof the algorithm, and the person is really somewhat more distantly related than they appear.

        This is relatively common in small populations like Ashkenazi Jews and Colonial America.


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          from Joyce

          Thank You. Just felt like I was nuts for the moment.