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    Hi everyone,

    I did an "in common search with a cousin that was found on ftdna.

    Our connection starts with my maternal great great grandparents. I will call them a and b. One of their sons is my great grandfather, another son is her grandfather. When I ran the in common search their were seven - 5th to Remote,
    five - 4th to Remote and seven 4th cousins (3rd to 5th).

    None of them have a or b's last name in their lists of surnames.

    I was going to email the seven 4th cousins, so they could search our family tree
    on to find where they fit with a or b's children.

    But I am unsure about the 4th & 5th to remote. They are connected to
    both of us, so they should be to a & b. But if they are remote, I would not
    know what to say on where they should look on the tree.

    Any suggestions or insight would be appreciated.

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    Another thought, from what I read on the forum, the remote matches
    may not actually be related. Maybe I should not email them, I am not sure.

    I am happy I found a cousin. Wanted to share the good news.